Feeling hot, hot, hot!

And 2008 has strolled in, with the imminent 36 degree heat and rising temperatures.

I don't know if there really is much to celebrate in the new year, given that global warming has caused us to live with dangerously painful heat everyday. For the next few weeks, temperatures are predicted to hit the 40 degree mark more than once a week. It's going to be a scorching hot summer for me, and I'm not looking forward to it.

I doubt our littl' ones are looking forward to it too. We filled a clamshell (a plastic clamshell that's big enough for littl' kids to play in) with water and tried to get Kitt and Sam into it. Kitt is very adventurous, sporting enough to put her head underwater and blow bubbles out her nose. She needs no coaxing to go in - she follows Nike and just does it!

Sam, on the other hand, is ever so tentative and cautious about getting the slightest bit wet. She went around the clamshell, looking for a way to get to her prize without getting her paws wet. She patted the water gently and looked dubiously at me.

"Do I have to?" is what her liquid brown eyes said.

Many a time she walked away, only to come back after much persuasion. The only thing hubby and I wanted her to do was submerge one paw. ONE PAW! How hard could that be?

Well, after lots of urges and attempts, and me getting into the water, littl' Sammy put one paw in, grabbed her littl' treat and dashed into her kennel to hide away from the big bad people who were trying to get her wet.

Now how are we ever going to keep her cool?!?!!


izso said...

Air conditioning perhaps? And less clothing?

busybisybusy bee said...

kipas... my mom's persian cat used to (she's gone to cat heaven) love to sit in front of the fan! :)

Danny said...

Less clothing for you and Jason, and shave the kids to their skin?

uncle said...

ice cream

FairyGodmother said...

awww...sooo cute!

spray them with water!

happy 2008 babe.

lotsa love from us here!

Maggie said...

Option A: Install garden sprinklers (probably will cost a bit).

Option B: Coax with more treats stuffed into a ball (so Sam will HAVE to dive for it).

Option C: Throw ice cubes and hope that it will help Sam cool down.

Option D: Buang saja dalam clam shell.(Reminder: The RSPCA won't come after the person dispensing suggestions, but the one executing it. Hahaha!)

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: Already got air-con...and dogs don't have clothes!

Bee: Sam barks at the ceiling fan and Kitt's afraid of the standing fan. How now?

Danny: I don't think shaving them's an option...

NinJaMoo said...

uncle: Haven't tried ice cream on the dogs...but we give them yoghurt!

fairygodmother: Hahaha...they run...fast! Happy 2008 to you too. *HUGS*

maggiemee: Already have sprinklers (which the pups have chewed to bits). Tried the treats, still not working. Contemplating the ice cubes but that won't work until she gets into the pool and we've thrown them into water. Only makes them run away and stay away from us!!!

izchan said...

dogs drool for a reason ... :)
It keeps them cool.