Bye bye 2007...

Bring on 2008

2007 has been good to us. There have been many ups and downs but on the whole, I think it's been a great year. The highlight for this year was having my parents come down to visit us. My parents have not been in the greatest of health but they are getting better. Although it was a short trip, it was good to have my parents get the chance to finally spend time with us in our new home and with our littl' fur kids. That's the second high of the year - hubby and I adopted little 4-legged additions to the family. SAM (for Super Active Mutt) joined us in July and Kitt in September and the household has never been the same again. Not a day goes by when we don't find another thing destroyed. It is a great test of patience (not to mention a dent on the pocket) but I'm loving it just the same.

The other highs that we've enjoyed are the weddings that have happened this year. Hubby's sister and our close friend, Tam, got married this year and we were privileged enough to be invited to both. The weddings were beautiful and it was good to catch up with family and good friends. It also gave us an excuse to take some time off and enjoy being with each other. However, we didn't get the chance to attend our close friends Izso's and Jocelyn's wedding in KL - guys, we're sorry we couldn't be there but we offer you both our congratulations and I look forward to seeing photos. I'm sure your unions have been blessed with endless good wishes so let us add ours to the pile.

There have been other things that have brought me great joy - celebrating my dad's birthday and Chinese New Year with family, my health improving, my brother getting his own place, getting a free stay courtesy of the lovely Pugly and the road trip that came with that, winning an award at work, getting flown to Sydney and getting to have lunch with the CEO of the company, getting to send gifts to our special birthday girls, Jasmine and Amani who are growing up too quickly for the likes of your Aunty Moo, new additions for our close friends (must be the year for babies), all the littl' things that make being a couple special, spending time with close friends and catching up on things that have gone by, good books, good wine, good food...all the things that make me thank God that I have the health to enjoy this and a future to see even more good things happen.

Sadly, to appreciate the highs in this life, there must be accompanying lows. In the most tragic circumstances, we had 2 angels leave us this year. We pray that Nazri and Danny find hope once again and we pray that their lives may be blessed with new beginnings that bring joy a thousand times over. Not being as severe, I had the bad luck to change jobs into a position that I found I absolutely hated with a passion. For 8 painful months, each new day reminded me of the bad decision I made. I kept being told to persevere and just stick with it, it wasn't going to do my resume any good by moving. Luckily, Lady Luck smiled on me and my previous boss rang me up to offer me a position back in Fraud. I am back with my old team now and loving it.

Now before I end, let me just tell you what 2008 has to bring for us. I am looking forward to 3 weddings in 2008 - Mark and MaryAnn's, Andrew's and Fern's and my brother's with Shirley. We don't know if we will be in a position to attend all weddings given the timing and financial constraints but all I can say is that "It's about time!". But I will definitely be back in KL to celebrate my brother's union. Careerwise, hubby and I are looking to a more challenging year for us both. Hubby, with his new boss, and me, with my new role. Family-wise, we still think that it may be a bit premature for us to get a 'mousekateer' but who knows what God has planned for us. We can only pray that we are sufficiently equipped for the challenge and take things one day at a time.

With that, we wish you all the best for the new year. May the new year bring you new beginnings that you have wished for and the best of health so that you can enjoy these adventures. May you be surrounded with much love and happiness, and family and friends to make the journey worthwhile. You are always in our thoughts (even if you don't hear from me...) and we keep each one of you close to our hearts.

Happy 2008 all and God bless.

A song to end the new year with:


Syrope said...

Happy New Year to you in advance too dearie. Glad to know that 2007 has been in all, alright for you and family. Here's to 2008 and God be with you and your household..

izso said...

You lazy bum! You copied straight off the email! :D

Happy new year to you too beb!

yati the 'busy' ninjabee said...

yeah... i second izso... lazy bum! just read your e-mail and then read this post... deja vu!

lovely to see your face at last ;) and the doggies look big now!


naz said...

Happy New Year to everyone!

pugly said...

Happy New Year to you, hubby & the 2 furry kids! :-) Will drop you an email soonish with more news.

NinJaMoo said...

syrope: U too! Sorry I missed you when you were in Australia!!!

izso: Not everyone has all the time in the world you know! =P

ninjabee: *jaw drops* I can't believe you're on his side?!?!!!! And yes, the doggies are much bigger!!!

NinJaMoo said...

naz: Let me know when you have a decision...

pugly: Do you have my work email? I'm so bad with home emails nowadays!!!

FairyGodmother said...

hey babe,

yup! you lazy bum! hahahaha...copy and paste!

anyways, thanks for the bday present! jasmine loves it to bits! she has been reading the princess book everyday!

love ya!