We are only mere mortals

Today, Heath Ledger passed away. He was only 28. It came as such a shock this morning as I was preparing to leave for work. Only last night were these two radio personalities talking about death and what people would say when you die. They did a feature on one of the radio personalities because her co-host said that she would not get to hear what people had to say about her if she passed on.

I pondered over my own mortality. How many people would truly mourn, besides my family and close friends? Who would notice if I passed on? Would I be merely like the tree that falls silently in the Amazon jungle? Or would it be something that people talked about and grieved over for awhile?

How would my eulogy read if I passed on?

"Here lies The Cow, loving wife and daughter, sister and close friend. Moo lived a full life, with much love to give and share, and many wise (but sometimes sarcastic) words to spare. She lent an ear, a shoulder (some arms and legs plus the whole body if necessary), but also kindness and compassion to all.

Everyday, we will miss her quick smile, her gentle hand, her kind words and her loving gestures. We were all privileged enough to have met her and to have had her in our lives for this period of time. Though there may have been moments of pain, anger or sadness, they were short-lived and few and far between. But they only made us appreciate more the sweet moments that we shared.

We will always remember the Cow and cherish the memories of her. May she be at rest, wherever she may be. And we hope, for her sake, the grass is greener on the other side (and more tasty too)".

Will this be what people say?


izchan said...

We all are.

Trully understood it when my mom pass away.

Anonymous said...

beef eaters, those people are on the other side, beware


izso said...

Man, you're one sick puppy you know that Moo-ster? Writing your own eulogy before it happens and all that.

Apart from Uncle's hilarious take on the afterlife for cows, I think lots of cows in this world would mourn and they'd fart and burp to earths extinction and kill everyone (ozone layer depletion is partially caused by cows. Seriously.)

ninja bee said...

i still look forward to watching him playing Joker in Dark Knight...

that is a lovely eulogy... compared to my 'she was never a slug' to be written on my tombstone!

Syrope said...

I loved Heath Ledger. he was one of my faves. I dread mortality. But more for my loved ones' death, and lesser of mine. I can't imagine my dad and mom pass one day into the great beyond. Will they be happy, will they be tortured, will they be upset with me? Every time i think of them passing, i will cry myself to sleep. But there's no running; we still have to die one day. So it's how you treasure every moment from now... make the best of your life, do the things you want to, impact on other's lives in a good way and... don't spend it writing your own eulogy, though it's really quite a funny piece!

NinJaMoo said...

izchan: I'm sorry for your loss...I can't imagine now having my mum there...

uncle: Thanks for the warning =P

izso: At least I get a preview of it! And I know about noxious cow gasses...that's why I say become vegetarian!

NinJaMoo said...

ninjabee: Yeah, I think the next Batman movie's going to be a major hit...and at least you can fly! ;)

syrope: I know what you mean. When my parents came over and they looked so old, it hit me...one day, they too will pass. Then what?