Its funny that no one makes any negative comments about growing pregnant ladies (ie moi). Yes, I'm ever expanding, to the dismay of my ever contracting wardrobe. I've gone up 3 sizes in every department (aside from shoes) and have yet to see an end in sight.

Yes, I feel like a hippo and yes, people talk about waddling but the worst I've heard is "Oh wow, you're getting big!" Well, duh! Of course I'm getting big, I'm pregnant, remember? That's the worst line I've ever heard - you can't really forget that the pregnant woman has a growing being inside her. You think I just swallowed a soccer ball for the fun of it?

And then you get the remarks "No, you're not big" or "You're glowing" and stuff like that when you know that people are just trying to be nice and are trying to make you feel better because some of them have gone through pregnancy before. I appreciate the comments etc but really - I'm a big girl and you can be truthful. The hormones aren't going to make me feel all emotional if you tell me that I remind you of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

So if you're wondering, I've already come to terms with my expanding figure. No, I'm not eating for two but she grows anyway. And I've hidden all my pre-pregnancy photos that remind me of how thin I used to be (OMG, I couldn't believe it!!!). And now, I'm just content in waddling, throwing my weight around (literally!), waiting for the day until this littl' bundle of joy comes. Then perhaps we can talk about my figure...


ninja of bees said...

i know what you mean... but i do have a friend that doesn't hold on to his words! he went off traveling and came back when i was like 8 months pregnant and said 'whoa! you look like a whale!' it's his way to say that my pregnancy is going well in his eyes.

and i have a trick on losing the baby weight. i didn't rush it... but a colleague at work, and i trust him as we throw insult at each other everyday... in a nice way... anyway... he said that i'm thinner now than before i was pregnant ;-) and i guess fasting during Ramadhan kind of helped too!

Izso said...

You can May can start a support group.

Once the little one is out, start on a daily Yoga regime. Do stretches too.

Lie down on your back with a small pillow elevating your lower lumbar. With toes facing upwards and hands over your head, pull and stretch your body, feel the stretch on your tummy. Hold that position for 15 minutes daily. The Japanese have proven this works to reduce the belly bulge in 1 month.

NinJaMoo said...

Bee: It was so funny - a colleague that I hadn't seen in a month came over to my area, saw me and exclaimed loudly "OMG, you're huge!". All my other colleagues couldn't help but chuckle when he said that - that's just the way he is. I'm sure it'll go somewhere...eventually! ;P

Izso: Yoga? That takes effort! And my colleagues were also saying that breastfeeding is hungry business!