Dancing: Baby NinJa

Mummy & Daddy have some real boring music that they play. I think Mummy thinks that playing classical music is good for me (and I think I overheard Grandma telling Mummy the same thing too!).

But that isn't dancing music!

The other day, Mummy went onto the In the Night Garden website because cousin Bubba Bee loves them and there was some music on the website that made me dance! So I did a littl' boogey in Mummy's tummy! I think Mummy must've got the message because the sound was played again!

It made me happy =)


Bubba Bee said...

Just you wait until meet Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka, Upsy Daisy, the Tomliboos and the Pontipines for real!! Yes, they are real!! I've seen them!

Maggie said...

Eeeee... so kee-yoot! :D

Aunty Maggie loves you and can't wait till you come out healthy and strong! n_n

p/s: Aunty loves your Mummy too, but its gonna be our little secret, k? *winks*