Birthday: Baby NinJa

Guess who had a birthday recently?

My cousin NinJa all the way across the other side of the world!!! She's a big girl now, cousin NinJa Bubba Bee!!! She's all turned one! That's like...a looooong loooooong way for me to go! Feels like it anyway...

Happy Birthday cousin! I'm sure you had a really cool birthday! Hopefully I'll get to celebrate a birthday with you someday...and have some yummy cake...and blow out candles...and have balloons and presents and all sorts of cool stuff! I can hardly wait!

Hugs & kisses,
Meeeeeee xoxo


Bubba Bee said...

thanks NinJa!!! it's fab to be one! yes, i am all big now and will keep my parents on their toes even more!

we will one day celebrate together! and i'll show you how to blow candles... as i'm yet to learn myself... but balloons are just great! make sure your parents get the helium filled balloons... way much more fun!

come out soon!

Bubba Bee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and whole loads of HUGS!

Bubba Bee... again... said...

BTW did my mama ever gave your mama MY blog address... well... not mine. i have to share with mama and daddy... but one day it will be mine! muahahahahahahaha!


NinJaMoo said...

Bubba Bee: Oh! My mummy didn't know that your mummy was continuing that blog! I'll tell her she has more to read...right after I learn how to speak properly. *hugs*