Take me out to the ball game...

& take me out hubby did!

But not to a baseball game - over here, the main 'ball' game is footie. It's kinda a mix between rugby, handball and American touch. Season starts come winter & fans barrack for their favourite teams across the nation. Me, I've never been a big fan. But I've always wanted to experience a game. Just once.

& so when hubby announced that he had been offered free corporate box tickets to the game, I said yes! How much more fun would it be, sitting under cover, being served food and having a birds eye view on everything while soaking up the atmosphere?

& so that's what we did today. Along with 32,816 other people. With about 90% of the stadium dressed in purple.

The crowd was amazing. The game was full of "Oohhhh!"s and "Oowwww!"s and "Booo!"s and the ground & ball were all slippery from the drizzle. But the players didn't mind. & I was under shade so I didn't mind either.

My conclusions for the day?
1) The game's probably half an hour too long;
2) You need to start choosing a team; and
3) First game in a corporate box will spoil you for life. The food was great & the service was impeccable.

But definitely a true blue Aussie experience and I feel a bit more white for it. & when NinJa comes, it'll be something that we'll probably start doing - taking the kids out to the ball game.

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Izso said...

So who's your team?

Go St. Kilda!