On Friday night, I fell asleep on the couch whilst reading a book. I tend to be doing that quite a bit, snuggled under the warmth of a blanket with the heater going. And I admit, it has been such a long week that I was exhausted by 8pm.

About 2 hours later, I woke up when hubby announced that he was turning in and tried to straighten my legs when shooting pains went through my left calf. It felt like a cramp but the pain was a hundred times more intense.

Thank God Hubby was there - he started to put pressure against my foot, bending it towards me. Every time he stopped, the pain would return. And it was so bad that I was starting to panic as I had never had leg cramps this bad ever before.

We tried the pressure, we tried rubbing that point, he helped me stand up to try and walk (which I could barely do without being in pain all over again) and then he knelt down and started massaging my calf. When he did that, I could feel like a *crik* in the muscle area that he was massaging. It felt like a littl' lump being slowly dissolved by his magic hands.

10 minutes later, life returned to normal. My mom had warned me that I would be getting cramps more often come the pregnancy but I couldn't believe how bad it was. And Hubby reckons he knows why it happened:

"You fell asleep cross legged and I thought that couldn't be comfortable but I didn't want to wake you up".

Bless. But I did say to straighten my legs the next time he sees this - I don't want to go through this again!!! Not without my knight in shinning armour there to rescue me!


Izso said...

May never had cramps. Doc said since she was on a regular dose of full cream milk (which she takes daily) it helped. Cramps caused by lack of calcium apparently. Maybe you might want to try to drink milk everyday.

bee of ninjas said...

Part and parcel of being pregnant. Walking helps a lot too... at least half hour per day... will also help nearer the time NinJa decides to pop out.

izchan said...