Hot: Baby NinJa

Baby NinJa likes it hot, hot, HOT!

Eat more chilli mummy...and sambal...and curry...yum yum yum!!!


Maggie said...

Atta Ninja! :D

Hugs from Aunty Maggie! n_n

Izso said...

Make sure you eat a fully balanced diet ok. Nasi Lemak is high cholesterol food.

Also, if you're taking those Anmum milk supplements, make sure you check your blood pressure and glucose levels frequently. When May took that milk her blood pressure shot up dramatically which scared the hell outta us. It was the milk.

ninja of bees said...

Your body will let you know what you need... there were times when all I wanted was lamb chops next was salad... then it was ayam masak merah.

izchan said...

its more like your baby will let you know ... :)

atta ninja.
Show mommy who's boss ... :P