Cheeky: Baby NinJa

*pop* *pop* *pop*

I wonder if mummy's wondering if that's a kick, punch or me blowing bubbles?

*pop* *pop* *POP*


ninja of bees said...

ooooo... NinJa's practicing her moves!! Just wait til little NinJa does a proper kick!! I love those moments... but not in the middle of the night when bubba bee was kicking on my bladder!

izchan said...

I have a smile on my face whenever you talk about ninja's etiquette within the mothers womb.

The joy of motherhood is beyond any words.

Izso said...

Izchan : When you and the wifey planning for one then?

NinJaMoo said...

bee: I've heard stories about kicks...and about foot and fist protrusions! That'll be interesting...

izchan: Remind your wife that when she goes through morning sickness especially...it can get really trying sometimes!

izso: Can't plan for these things! When its time, its time!