I am Malaysian...

Today, I went to renew my passport. Besides the wait for my number to be called, everything went smoothly. Besides the 3 month wait for my passport, everything else lacked the Malaysian inefficiency seen at government offices in KL. I was suitably impressed.

Then I asked a question about the election this Saturday.

"So how do I go about voting this Saturday?"
"You'll have to go to the place to vote."
"The place?"
"Yeah - in Malaysia."
"You mean there's no other way for me to vote here?"
"Only if your a goverment servant or a student sponsored to study here by the government."

Now, my blood begins to boil.
1) If we're going to have a fair election, why am I, a Malaysian overseas, being excluded from having the ability to vote?
2) If we have the facilities for government servants or students sponsored by the government to vote, then why are we not able to use these same facilities for all Malaysians overseas?

But then I began speaking to other Malaysians overseas...and some of the things that they said to me is so disheartening.
"What's the point of voting? You know you're not going to make an impact - you're only one person."
"My parents were government servants. They would rather 'burn' their vote than vote for who they want because they're afraid that they might trace the votes back and then 'habis' (gone)."
"The whole system is corrupt anyway so what's the point?"
"I'm not registered to vote."

I can't believe that our forefathers fought so hard for us to have the option of who we would like represent the people of Malaysia. We have the privilege to vote - whether or not the results may be skewed is another issue. But if we don't exercise our choice, then why bother having an election in the first place? Have we become so disillusioned with our government that we don't believe our vote will make a difference?

I want to vote - but I can't. I want to make a difference - but I can't. I am registered, and I have been allocated a stream for me to go and cast my vote - but I can't!

But if you're in Malaysia and you're reading this and you ARE registered to vote - make a difference. Be the voice for us who cannot have a say in this matter. Be prepared to take a small step forward, towards a better government and a better Malaysia. This is my challenge to you as a Malaysian. And I challenge you to challenge other Malaysians to do the same.

Do your bit and together, we will take the first steps towards a better Malaysia.


izso said...


Weird though. They should have some avenue for overseas ppl to vote. They did it the last time wot.

Danny said...

Is there any other countries in the world that allow their overseas citizens to vote? Errr... I don't want a huge pile of "phantom votes" from Timbuktu voting certain parties. Having the Election Commission to ensure a clean election while everything is in Malaysia also seems impossible. What more if they allow overseas voters?

NinJaMoo said...

izso: Yeah, they do have the avenue. But only if you're a govt servant or govt sponsored student.

danny: I'm not an overseas citizen, I'm a Malaysian citizen residing overseas. And there are many ways by which you can verify the identity of the voter and not get 'phantom votes'.

If we had the spirit of 'Malaysia Boleh' in building the Twin Towers and sending someone to the moon, why is it so impossible to allow Malaysians overseas to vote?

Danny said...

I think you got the concept of "Malaysia Boleh" wrong. By NOT allowing other Malaysian citizens residing overseas besides those 2 groups of people you mentioned, now that's MALAYSIA BOLEH.

I had my name on the list and even voted during 2004 Elections. Now my name is missing from the list. That's MALAYSIA BOLEH!

the bee said...

we could vote from overseas... but i didn't do it... shame on me.

you need to register as an absentee voter. you should be able to collect the form from the Malaysian High Com office. Once you've filled it in, you will need someone to witness it to attest that you're not some random person... the witness must be a Malaysian. And if you do all this on/in time, you will be able to vote. but it's one long process...

Maggie said...

Better long process to register as an overseas voter than none at all, me thinks. :)

Wish us all luck & pray hard Moo, for truly fair and uncorrupted election and balloting process.

izchan said...


the goverment is conspiring to take votes of people outside of malaysia back into the voting process as phatom votes who are valid.

If you can't vote outside of malaysia, they will use your vote to "strengthen" the areas which are weak on.

We live in a world of "history is written by the victor". I am very much disappointed to say that I no longer have any confidence in the goverment nor the policies which they are putting forth.

The lies and scandals are nothing. Every country has them.

I am disappointed because they no longer care for the people that they governed. They no longer see us as their people. All they see are the opputurnity to strip the country of their economical stability.

I fear for the future here.

if you can. Don't come home. Stay there.

We are living on borrowed time.

naz said...

It's not that I don't believe you, Izchan, but perhaps you could substantiate your comments with facts or something? I'm curious to know whether what you say is really based in fact or just something you heard someone say. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm just a concerned Malaysian who wants to know what's going on :)

izchan said...


I could tell you that I got it from a realiable source, but that equvelates to the point that I did hear it from someone one.

I could tell you too that the person I talked to is infact part of the pack of people whom will be expediating that particular fact, but that too is like saying I know what I am talking about.

so I am not going to say any of the above.

What I will say is to take it with a grain of salt. You can choose to take it any which way you want. I won't be offended.

I have been supporting the goverment since the day I started understanding the political situation of our country. That was a long time ago when I was still studying in high school. I was and still am a strong advocate of choosing what I believe to be best for the country. I gave up a chance to move away and chose to stay within my beloved country just so that I can be part of something greater than myself.

That has not change.

What has changed is that I am no longer sure it is the same vision that is being shared by my leaders.

Will I chose to leave? I don't think so, the education system did a good job of imbueing the "nationalism" in me.

What I won't do is ask others to risk their future on what I see happening within my lovely country.

So Naz. Sorry I can't give you facts. Because doing so will help no one.

Be concerened, that helps. Be informed, that helps to. But most of all, be yourself, look at the situation and decide what you want to really do. If you have your heart in the right place, whatever decision you make will help malaysia be a better place for everyone.

Danny said...

I think the people have spoken and BN have heard their voices loud and clear.

izchan said...

Yeah, the people have spoken.

But does the goverment hear it or merely being reactive to it as they usually do?

Loosing almost the entire west coast states to their rivals is suppose to hurt like a kick in the balls.

NinJaMoo said...

danny: Tsk tsk tsk...so negative!!!

bee: I asked about the absentee vote and I couldn't even register to do that here!!! So pathetic.

maggie: I heard we had an upset!

NinJaMoo said...

izchan: Perhaps things have yet to change...I am so grateful that we are able to experience all these different changes! It makes you be a better citizen, I think anyway!

naz: If there was no shit, would it still stink? There has to be some grain of truth somewhere for something like this to spread.

NinJaMoo said...

danny: I don't think they're going to have a choice...

izchan: Yeah...but a kick in the balls (excuse my French) is recoverable...

izchan said...


yes recoverable, but it still hurts like a mother****** (pardon my bm)