2nd skin

Men have it easy. There are only so many types of t-shirts, shirts, shorts, pants and briefs that they have to worry about. Not to mention shoes and other accessories. Easy. I could probably dress hubby with my eyes shut - all his clothes match each other and even if they didn't, he wouldn't mind.

Women, on the other hand, have it hard. Shirts, blouses, tops, sweaters, cardigans, vests, pullovers, t-shirts...and I haven't even described any other items of clothing! But the hardest bit of clothing (I reckon anyway) is finding the perfect bra - one that doesn't dig in, loses its elasticity, has straps that can be easily adjusted, scoops up your rolls of love handles and puts it all into a cup that allows for some womenly curves to peek out seductively.

I've been looking for the perfect bra for so long...and now, I think I've found it. Just a bit of unsolicited advertising but wearing the perfect bra is like having second skin on.

I happened to be window shopping online and thought I'd try a new lingerie label. There were the cutest littl' pale pink boycut panties on sale that I fell in love with and decided to purchase. The panties came and were so comfy that soon after, I went down to Myers to look for the brand.

Low and behold, there was an entire section of Elle Macpherson Intimates underwear. So I went to try on the bras and found it to fit much more comfortably than the bras I buy back home! I was pleasantly surprised because I figured that the 'ang moh' body was different to the Asian body.

So now, I don't have to wait for my annual trek back to Malaysia to buy underwear - I can get it all here and save that littl' baggage space for work shoes...or shirts...or blouses...or skirts....or pants...or dresses...or shorts...


izchan said...

elle macpherson ... yum.

naz said...


pugly said...

You know what else that's quite a feat to find? The perfect pair of jeans. It has to be the right kind of blue & wash - one that will go nicely with almost everything you have in your wardrobe - & it has to fit perfectly; not too snug, not too loose, hugs your curves perfectly where it matters, hides your flaws and makes your legs look leaner.

Yup, that's always a challenge every single time, especially for women with ample posteriors like yours truly.

Danny said...

Men have it easy? Geee... Don't stereotype all men just because you can dress your hubby with your eyes closed.

We also go thru the stressful process of thinking which t-shirt to wear because there are too many similar ones. We want to be fair to all t-shirts, pants, and other stuffs.

Stressful lah! =p

izchan said...

lucky me.

I have 7 t-shirts, 5 shirts, 2 pair of pants and 14 underwears.

Oh and one pair of docker jeans.

plus the occasional wind breaker.

izso said...

Izchan - uh.. wow. LOL!

And Elle Macpherson.. yum indeed! But in that pic she looks kinda skinny.

I totally agree with pugly btw. Except for the posterior curve thingy, it's impossible to find the right jeans. And I'm a guy too :P

I think women think that men have it easy when in actual fact they don't understand men's fashion. Sure they know how to play ken (doll) with their hubbies but is that how the hubby wants to dress? I doubt too many men would want to look too good (if there is such a thing) and be mistaken for a homosexual. (Seen it happen before!)

FairyGodmother said...


this is the second time that i have heard about this brand.

unfortunately, we don't have that brand here.


anyways, *batting eyelashes*, next time you are coming home, can you please tell me in advance? so that i can curik 200gms of your baggage weight and bank in some money so that you can buy one for me.....

*batting eyelashes harder that it is starting to strain the eyes*

pwetty pweeese?!

izchan said...

I believe there is such a thing as mail order lingerie.

At least I know victoria secrets have them. :)

izso said...

Me likes victoria secret. Especially them models. *oogle*

Anonymous said...

another thing difficult to get is a perfect hair cut!


izso said...

Woooi.. you had 10 minutes that night to think about what to blog. Still clueless meh?

NinJaMoo said...

izchan: Poing taken.

Naz: What eh? And what were you doing posting at 3 in the morning???

Pugly: I totally agree!!! I had a pair of Levi's that did that..but they shrunk ;P Another brand that I like is Sass and Bide but they haven't had a sale for yonks!!! =(

NinJaMoo said...

Danny: On average, it's easier for a man to get dressed when compared to a woman...and that's not stereotyping! See Izchan's reply! ;P

Chris: There's a hyperlink on 'Elle Macpherson Intimates' - I think she looks great on the website!

fairygodmother: Hehehehe...you already know the answer to that! ;)

NinJaMoo said...

izchan: Yeah - only problem is that with Malaysian Customs, God only knows what they'll do with it!!!

Chris: Hahahaha...what does May say to that, hmmm?

uncle: So true, so true!!! I'm still looking for a hairdresser...*sigh*...

izso said...

May says she thinks they look hot too. But also says that most of those undies can't really be truly comfortable.