A ring is round, it has no end...

& that's how long I'll be your friend

Last nite, we took a girlfriend out to celebrate her *ahem*th birthday (it's not nice to give away a woman's age!) *grin*. We went to a Turkish Restaurant called Alanya. Not bad decor, dim lighting, very romantic, a tad bit stuffy...but good food (sorry, no pics) and good company.

Anyway, I've known this girlfriend since I was in Uni. She was my IP201 tutor, and then became my half sponsor for my Australian PR. In the good old days, she fed us vegetable lasagna and made the best rocky roads EVER! & she made a promise to us 5 years ago - "If any of you get married, I promise to make a trip to Malaysia to attend the wedding".

Good to her word, she came for our wedding. & we're glad that she did because we found out that that was when she came to the realisation that we were friends. Full stop. Nothing more, nothing less. Not tutor-student. Not sponsorer-sponsored. Not mentor-mentee. Just friends.

I asked her what made her think that there was an ulterior motive for our friendship. She said that she had always thought that people wanted to be friends with her because she gave them her time, advice, opinion, money...bla, bla, bla...the list goes on. She never realised that we were just friends. That we wanted to BE her friends just because. That that is what friendship is all about, just being a friend.

It's taken awhile for her to come to that realisation...but now she has and she has come to grips on that with all her other friends and is enjoying just BEING a friend to her friends and not having to live up/give advice/be a mentor/etc.

To me, its kinda sad that it took this long for her to realise it. But I'm happy that she has come to accept it and I'm happy for her...because it's nice to have a friend who just wants to be...a friend.


pugly said...

Hey, you started from being a sort of `mentor' to a good friend :-)

Warning: Hallmark moment ahead.
& you know what? People are lucky to have you as a friend because we know that as a friend, you'll never desert us.

So, how about that jetliner for my birthday, then? Surely you do not want to disappoint a friend now, do ya? :-D

NinJaMoo said...

Pugly: You should've already received your gift...unless customs have it...for some unknown reason...*looks totally innocent*.

izso said...

Your friend is one hard head. She knows there are such "friends" out there and yet she still gives all she can give? :\

I am not gonna fly to Perth for your birthday btw. No matter how good a friend you are :P Hehehe. I'd probably buy you something, take a picture of it, send it to you, then say this is the present you'd get if you were in Malaysia.

Such is the evilness of friends. Well, me anyway. XD

naz said...

bEh Izso, you like that, not we all like that. At least, we're not THAT bad ;P