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I don't get it. Why do people complain? Hang on, that's not right. I understand why people complain. What I don't understand is why some people complain NON-STOP???!!! Isn't it exhausting? Don't you think you need to get over the issue and just get on with your life? What good is it wasting hot air over something that you have no way of changing?

This colleague of mine, complains everyday about the bank screwing up his loan application, how slow his builder is going, how he's never going to be able to move in, how his furniture company is ringing him everyday, how the boss doesn't treat him well, how there's so much work, how his dad should be looking after his mum and not working, how there should be a pay increase...on and on and on! Even I find it exhausting listening to him (which shows you something coz' I'm not one to make it a big deal if someone needs an ear to bed!).

But for some reason, it's not getting into his head that it's the same story over and over again and if he doesn't get out of this rut of looking as if the sky is about to fall, he's going to be in the same cycle of unhappiness and pessimism.

And it's not just him for that matter! I find the people here seem to complain a whole lot more than back home! Now, why is that? Is there more stuff to complain about here? Is it just because they have it so good here that they don't realise what its like being in another country where getting the same standard of living is almost non-existent? There are so many things to be thankful for. What happened to looking on the bright side?

I just pray everyday that I don't turn into one of THEM! Remember, tell me off (especially you Pugly) if I start to complain! Or just tell me to shut up. 'Nuff said.


naz said...

He must be Singaporean ;)

Well, some people just don't appreciate all that they have. You should enlighten him, with a hammer if he doesn't listen

pugly said...

Well, dear, you know I'll just slap you back to your senses if you ever complain too much :-D

You know what? I felt the same way too when I was living in the UK - Brits whinge too much, blah blah blah. I don't know why ... is it because we're a more grateful bunch who are content with what they have? Or is it because we have too much of a `tidak apa' attitude to ever bother with voicing out our displeasures?

izso said...

We need Asiaworks over there. Then everyone will be sobbing their eyes out and regretting everything they said.

It should be trying to appreciate what you DO have, not what you don't have.

But then again, I'm a hyppocrite. I wanna bitch about my job! My car! My uh.. uh.. everything! So are you gonna listen or not? Keke

johnybravo said...

Maybe its cause we dont get much of a chance to complain about things, over here. You might just get locked up or something like that, haha.

NinJaMoo said...

Naz: He's not. And I don't think a hammer's big enough. p/s - thanks for the pressie...haven't a clue what it is tho'.

Pugly: I think the Aussies have a more laidback attitude than our 'tidak apa' attitude. I think we've just had more to be thankful for...or we know HOW to be thankful.

*gives Izso a whack*

Johnybravo: If that's the case, they wouldn't have enough prisons here! =Þ

naz said...

I think Australian's are genetically criminals

The pressie, it's perfume according to Lay Lan. I wouldn't know perfume if it bit me :D

NinJaMoo said...

Naz: Land of convicts...so somewhere along the line, something must have rubbed off. & perfume? Really? ;) You guys shouldn't have. But thanks.

Danny said...

Some people are thankful for what they have, while other people bitch about things they don't have.

For the 1st group, someone created blessings ceremonies at temples and mosques, while latter group of people inspired someone to create earplugs! Hahahaha :P

N.B. said...

What do you call people who expect you to listen and empathise when they complain, but scoff at you when you do complain?

Double standards.