Tis the season...

I just found out another girlfriend is pregnant. That makes 6 of us now, with 5 of us being first time mums. I find that really exciting, having friends going through the same life stages as I am at the same time. One of them is due in a couple of weeks with the rest of us all due at the end of the year/going into the new year. So by Chinese New Year next year, there will be a whole streak of cubs prowling in 3 different continents.

I guess its like what my close friend  said...first you celebrate the 21st birthdays. Then you go through the engagement phase with weddings coming soon after...then you have the baby phase...and soon after, it'll be first birthdays and so on and so forth...until the kids grow up, graduate and then start their significant phases of their own.

That seems like such a long way to me but then again, who knows? I could blink and we could be celebrating NinJa's first birthday. Time seems to fly at supersonic speeds nowadays. I remember ages ago when days seemed to go on forever and I had all the time in the world. I remember the holidays and how we had so much fun then...I also remember having the time to lepak in the midst of exams. Ahhh....to be young!

I hope NinJa gets to experience that - a childhood that's not rushed and have enough time to enjoy every bit of it. And just having time to be able to be a kid. Or be whatever NinJa chooses to be. I hope the world doesn't rush him/her into adulthood and brands and sex and stuff...I hope we do him/her right...*cross fingers*.


bee of ninjas said...

we can only hope... i have the same worry for bubba bee.

NinJaMoo said...

Bee: Your littl' one is already so self confident and independent, I'm sure she'll be great =) Now if she could just give some lessons to Baby NinJa...;)

Izso said...

LOL.. hope you have a point of reference if there are that many of your friends all pregnant. Cuz sometimes when the blind lead the blind all get lost.

Anything feel free to ask me, Naz, May, Lay Lan, Danny, Lisa, Jocelyn or Tek Kien yeah?

izchan said...

its a little bit of everything that makes all the parts seem whole.

enjoy every second of it.
(which includes the tantrums, diapers and bf/gf issues that crops up when they think they are adults)

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: Thanks...I think the REAL help comes once NinJa comes out ;)

Izchan: Whoa, that's future planning...let's get over the delivery first. Then we'll worry about bf/gf issues ;P