Shy: Baby NinJa

Never thought I'd say this but I think I'm camera shy.

The doctor tried to get a picture of me with his camera but I turned my back on him...not on purpose of course. I was just...shy.



bee of ninjas said...

or maybe NinJa just wanted a bit of privacy? bubba bee did the same for our first scan... 'you want to see me? here's my bum!' LOL

did the Dr had to jiggle your tummy to make NinJa turn?

izchan said...

ooohhhhh .... this is becoming a very ninjist site ... :)

NinJaMoo said...

Bee: This is the 2nd scan - we saw NinJa with the 1st one coz' the doctor used an internal ultrasound thingie...but the 2nd time, yes, the doctor tried to jiggle my tummy but that just made NinJa show his/her back even more!!!

Izchan: Not yet...wait until you hear about kicks and stuff ;P