I find it fascinating that everything has something equally opposite.

The left is a mirror image of the right. Only then can the body achieve an easy balance. For darkness, there is light. For beauty, there is ugliness. For happines, there is despair. For every up, there is a down. For every high, there is a low. Stop and go. And the list goes on and on and on.

Was the world created like this for us to appreciate both sides of the coin? If we had a world filled with all things evil, would we ever know good? Would anyone aspire to be good? Would there ever have been a Santa Claus? Would there even be an incentive to be good? Would it be that somehow, man would eradicate themselves because they were all evil?

It all comes back to balance. The scales must not be tipped, lest we unleash chaos. But where there is chaos, some order must rule. Where someone rules, someone must serve. And again, the list goes on and on and on...

But then I started thinking - is there anything that doesn't have an opposite? Is there anything that stands by itself? At first, I thought prayer. But then, isn't the absence of prayer its balance? Does that then mean that something which doesn't have a named opposite is just the absence of?

Perhaps this is the way to adopt what is coming for 2009. Accept it as it comes and see what could possibly be the opposite of it. Then maybe that might put it into perspective (like a challenge could really be an opportunity) and it truly might just be the case of looking at it differently. Then maybe, I can find some balance in my soul and some peace in my heart.


pugly said...

I dread the day it comes.

But come it does.

Yes, I've been following your lil' 'countdown' silently all along ... as it was too painful to leave any comment ... like if I do, it would be sorta acknowledging it somewhat ... like by ignoring it, it may perhaps go away, this need of yours to end this blog.

But as friend, of course I would support any decision you make 100%, even though I might not like it one bit.

Happy New Year, sweetheart - & to Jason, too. You will never be far from my mind no matter how far you are physically. Thanks for being one of those rare souls I knew I could always count on.


izso said...

Whats the opposite of recession? I don't recall seeing it anywhere.