The Art of Procrastination

Oh, how totally slack have I been? I only have nine more postings to go before I reach a hundred...well actually, eight minus this one...which means I'll have to do one a day from now until we hit 2009. Oh the pressure! I can't take that kind of pressure...what am I to do? What am I to write about? Oh the stress!!! *melodramatic sigh* *does the whole damsel in distress MovieWorld thing*

*Yeah right!* Now, let's put some elbow grease on and get down to the blogging.

I used to be an on the blink procrastinator. What do I mean by that? Well, I'd do it now and again, not very often but just a dabble here and there. And then, I became worse. I became a part time procrastinator. I think it could've been due to all the 'Urgent and Important' issues at work that demanded immediate attention, constantly.

And now, I think I've become a full-blown home procrastinator. It doesn't hurt that Christmas is around the corner and everyone is either on holidays or is expecting to go on holidays. *sigh* But I think I've perfected procrastination...I think I've done it so well that I can possibly leave home stuff alone until next year almost...

Now just a littl tip I've learnt along the way to complement procrastination...I highly recommend a good cuppa hot Mocha (when you get the perfect cup, there's nothing better that the first sip of froth and the hot liquid going down, warming your body...mmmm...) and a good book (lots of people are raving about Twilight for some reason...must be time to crack it open and have a read...) and perhaps some really nice chocolate...can you beat cookies and cream Lindt?

Yup, I'm pretty sure I'm all set to procrastinate...now all I need to look for is that reading pillow of mine...now where did I leave it...hmmmm...maybe I should leave this aside for now and go look for that pillow...which could be on the bed...which could mean a nap...mmmm...nap...

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