Oh my weary bones...

I am so tired. I am so tired of dealing with people. I am so tired of working my a$$ off and having other people whinge and bitch and complain that they're so busy to another colleague (if you're SO BUSY, how could you possibly have the time to do the above?) OVER A CUP OF COFFEE! I am so tired of people being negative. Why do people have to put other people down just so that they can look better? Why is it that we can't help one another and get along? Why is it that the smallest of things can be blown into World War III?


I am so weary of the Australian work culture. I miss the Malaysian culture and the way that we work as a collective - we view ourselves as 'we' and we celebrate our unity. We know we're all different and we may have racial discrimination etc. But we can still work together and work through our differences and NOT let our differences bring the way we work down.

So maybe it is a good thing that people of all different backgrounds are being 'dispersed' everywhere - then maybe, more people can learn to live in harmony and understand that being different is good. Being different means experiencing new things. Having diversity may bring new learnings, new ideas, new challenges. And why should we be afraid of something new? Is change so bad?



FairyGodmother said...

welcome to the club of weary bones..

negativity will always be whenever there is envy!

babe, been too busy to keep in touch...hope everything is fine, and that you and your family had a wonderful chinese new year together..

pugly said...

Ooohh ... don't be too sure about the Malaysian work culture being better, dear. As far as I'm concerned, it's all the same everywhere :-)

Maggie said...

pugly is right!

what you described were my ex-colleagues (i won't mention which ones and where) to the t!

*warm hug*

hang in there and ignore their prattle. if they decide to blame you or complain to the boss that you have less work than them, you always have the data to back you up.


beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...

world war 3... i made a decision on some changes in the office yesterday that will not be taken well by a colleague and she's one big moaner. luckyly she works one day a week... so waiting for all the explosion when she comes in next week! but i have my manager's backing though :)

anyway... the idea that you have about the work force in Malaysia... it might be true 10 years ago. the grass is always greener on the other side... but will it taste better?

keep on mooing!

Anonymous said...

negativity is more an individual factor (i.e. you control whether to be negative or not) while harmony in the workplace is more a leadership problem (i.e. your unit head/department head influences the level of conflict in the group)

however, Hofstede's study on culture shows that differences in national culture affect the way we manage, it's interesting if you want to check it out . . .



Anonymous said...

compare the individualism dimension of malaysia and australia in the Hofstede study and see what i mean!


naz said...

You need a hot teh tarik :D

izso said...

Yeah man. Teh tarik!

And I suspect it's the industry you're in. Even in Malaysia the banking industry is extremely competitive. Mainly because their benefits are so bloody good.

In Exxonmobil however it's a different story. Whether you're in Australia or not.

NinJaMoo said...

Naz: *droolz* Teh tarik...

Izso: Errr...dunno about that!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is 100% more better.
Singapore work culture also SUX to the MAX. If not because of the exchange rate and the opportunity for myself to learn more, Singapore can go fly kite.

NinJaMoo said...

anonymous: But you'd have to salute Singapore for how far advanced they are!