Double Income Fur Kids!

Hubby's colleagues call our puppies 'fur kids'. I thought that was a nicer way of saying 'child substitutes'. Granted, they may not be able to do the things little "mini me's" do...but some of the things they get up to are just like human kids!
For instance, Sam gets jealous when we play with Kitt. She tries to use her body to block Kitt from getting close to us. The both of them also can't seem to share toys. Sam's been growling at Kitt and snatching toys away from her. And Kitt's toy is always better than the toy Sam's playing with and vice versa.
Doesn't that sound just like how kids behave?
Someone said that this is good training for when we have kids. It's true! I think it's taught us a lot more patience. And it's added a responsibility that we will have for the rest of their blessed little lives. It's something that you learn to accept and work into your everyday life.
Sometimes after a long day at work, all you want to do is relax. But there's Sam to walk, both pups to train, crap to shovel, holes to fill, mouths to feed, pills to swallow, coats to comb, activity toys to prepare, pups to chase...and the list goes on.
I have renewed respect for all the parents out there. It's hard enough with 2 people caring for the 'kids', it would be so much more tiring being a single parent. And I wonder what it will be like when on top of that, we have our own kids.
Then 24 hours will definitely NOT be enough!!! Now, how do I make a duplicate of myself again?


yati said...

kitt is soooooooo cute!! but of course sam is cute too!! better say that in case you tell sam and sam gets jealous!

izso said...

er.. jealous kids react way differently. Ask Nazri. Or Nasri. Or Nizam. Hehe.

naz said...

Cute dogs. Who takes care of them if the both of you have to travel? You leave them at the pet motel?

Maggie said...

Awwwwww! :)

izso said...

Oh.. there's this furkids online association or something. Furkid is a trademark name ok! Don't play play.

johnybravo said...

Happy Birthday!

Syrope said...

the good thing about real mini mes is that they grow up eventually and won't salivate all over the floor etc. .... but then again, they might get into all other sorts of shenanigans which may make your blood go upstairs (to the head) AHHAHA

izchan said...

your pups are just onerous. :)

And don't get pressured to have kids. Do it when you are ready (if anyone is ever ready that it). But don't do it because of pressure.

One must WANT children else the children will feel it when they grow up.

Human's just can't help but express themselves of what they feel inside.

So remember the age old saying. A rubber a romp keeps the hormones in stump.

izso said...

Uh.. have you gotten lazy? Update already :P