The W/H Series...Part 1


The Identity Question
We're always curious about identity. Wanting to find out "Who killed Roger Rabbit?" or "Who is Paris Hilton going out with?". Or stuff closer to home...like "Who's our new next door neighbour?" or "Who on earth is Mr Incognito?".

Why are we always so curious about identity? Is it because it is an inate human trait that we are all born with? Did God make us 'kepoh' on purpose? Perhaps it made sense a long long time ago. It made sense to find out who your neighbours were - something about safety in packs. It paid to learn more about 'the Enemy' - identifying the source where the energy of mobs could be focused on. To destroy. Or to protect.

But it also meant that finding out about someone else's identity made it possible for one to learn if there were commonalities. & this is where the Internet has helped people everywhere perform this function effortlessly. Seeking other people around the world to identify with. People from all walks of life, people like me and you, seeking out others.

Do we really end up finding each other? Absolutely! I stumbled across your blog, and you across mine (or sometimes, across a couple of blogs before finding the one you settle in to become a regular reader!).
To some degree, we share similarities. We're not just random people in cyberspace reading words on a page. Somewhere unconscious, there is a familiar chord in your being that my words ring. You know it does because you leave a comment on my page. And vice versa.

But at the end of the day, when it's all been said and done, only one question remains - the real question. Is it really our commonalities that bring us together...or in the end, is it just fate?

p/s - "Are we there yet?" Happy '1-day early' Birthday Izso! Hope it's a good one!


Faith said...

I think ppl want to connect with each other as well. Hoping that they will find some one they can get comfortable with and just...connect. We humans can never be alone. We need people around us, don't we? :)

izso said...


I'm old! GAH!

Faith - I sometimes like my own quiet time alone. Gives me time to reflect and review my thoughts.

Moo - I was thinking, do I comment because I know you and want to annoy you or do I comment because we think alike in some respect?


Nah. I do it just to annoy you. XD

naz said...

Happy burfday, izso!
Are you coming to my house to see if you fit in my car anytime?

naz said...

Oh, forgot to add that I like annoying moo as well :D

Although she seems to be less "pokey" these days heh

Mr Incognito said...

I can ask the same thing about you. Anyway, thanks for the tip on Undercover Economist. I immediately went out to get a copy.

Frankensteina said...

It's 6 degrees of separation I guess. I found a blog that linked to this blog that link to yours :)

johnybravo said...

Are we there yet?

NinJaMoo said...

Faith: Sounds like a Nokia ad! ;)

Izso: But then again, we 'met' in cyberspace...so does this mean I have violent tendencies like you? ;P

NinJaMoo said...

Naz: Haha...maybe you're just losing your touch! ;)

Mr. Incognito: The power of suggestion! ;p Just finished No Logo...will start on that soon!

NinJaMoo said...

frankensteina: I love the 6 degrees of separation concept! It makes the world seem like a smaller place & everyone is somehow a friend! =)

johnybravo: You're supposed to ask Old Man Izso if he's there yet! ;p

uncle said...

Actually, it is God playing dice for fun sometimes.

izso said...

Personally I prefer cards.

And you not have violent tendancies? Pfft.. I recall someone giving some really threatening slaps sometime ago. XD

Naz - yeah but you're never free! I'll give you a call next week.

pugly said...

Yeah, I think it's because we're just a bunch of busy-bodies - curious beings that will go to great lengths to satisfy that curiousity, no matter how petty.

P.S.: I'm not curious about Mr. Incognito at all. My curiosity was satisfied some time ago ;-)

NinJaMoo said...

uncle: I didn't think that God gambled! ;p

Izso: That's just self-preservation! =)

Pugly: Care to share your findings about Mr Incognito?

izso said...

moo - very painful self preservation!

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: Not for me it isn't! ;)