Am I Weird?

Or just anal?

Courtesy of Pugly, I've been tagged to come up with my Wall of Weird. Or rather, what makes me eccentrically different from other people. Well, I've been giving this some thought over the week and wonder...do I classify this as weird or is it just plain anal? Well...you be the judge.

Am I Weird?

1. When I hang out the laundry, I always reach out for the same colour pegs (mind you, we only have 2 colours for our pegs anyway, so it isn't as if I spend a couple of minutes looking for the same colour!) It doesn't drive me up the wall if someone else hangs up laundry using mismatched pegs but I just like looking at matching coloured pegs.

2. I like to fix toilet paper holders so that the toilet paper hangs down facing outwards. I've 'helped' other toilets paper holders along the way. I know some of them don't really know that they've got it on the wrong way. But I've set them straight, don't you worry.

3. Sometimes, when I watch TV or listen to the radio, I unconsciously type out what is being said. I don't know if this is a reflex action or just my brain telling my fingers to practise typing, but I guess it keeps my fingers on their toes (or so to speak).

4. When I desparately need a parking space, I pray. The guys know what I mean coz' they believe in the whole "Dear God" mantra. It's worked a few times and I'm sure that there is some weight in the power of prayer (especially when you mean it!).

5. I soak my almonds overnight prior to eating them and peel the skin off when I do eat them. My work colleagues find this especially fascinating, seeing me take out an almond and peel the skin off one by one before eating them. They say that as long as it keeps me out of trouble, it's all good.

6. I talk to inanimate objects. Like my work computer, Jason's car, my littl' Kancil back home, my stuffed toys...I don't really see any harm in talking to them. And I think talking to them helps them along their merry littl' way (although no amount of talking is going to get Jason's car to like me...she's jealous). And they can't talk back and be rude. So there's a plus.

So there's my Wall of Weird. I'm not going to tag anyone (coz' I'm sure that you'd all like to talk about your eccentricities!) so good luck coming up with 6 to those of you who want to give it a shot. & remember...you're not weird. You're just my special friend ;)


izso said...

Your my "special" friend too. XD

I can attest to the power of the "dear god" mantra. Parking has never been easier. Just have a Moo in your car and have the Moo go "Dear god give me parking space" and sure enough, there's always one.

Oh and on the inanimate car thingy, it's true! Cars do have a mind of their own!

From yours sincerely,
Alien from outer space

Jasmine's Bonda said...

Hey you...naahh...u are not weird...just "special"....Hahahaha...
A bit freaky about the toilet paper part, though.... HAhahaha

naz said...

I'm not the only one who hates toilet paper facing the other way then. Common sense innit? Those buggers who keep putting it wrong, put your head in the toilet! Mwahaha

Shopper Mom said...

omg! i can totally relate on the toilet paper thingy. i get very annoyed if it's put on backwards. hehehe..

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: Hahah...yeah, IzsoSpazzo...like what Pugly said! ;)

Jasmine's Bonda: At least I'm not alone with the toilet paper part!!! ;)

NinJaMoo said...

Naz & ShopperMom: Glad to know that some people out there have common sense too!!! hehehe...;p

izso said...

whats the big deal with the toilet paper? I use it whether it's backwards or not! I wipes my ass fine either way and gets flushed down either way.

Besides, the dispenser works either way too

Takakohazelnut said...

Yes my dear, it means you are quite wierd in your own little way :) This is what makes you, You.

Three cheers for wierdos~~

johnybravo said...

She has used the "Dear God" in evil ways before.....! hehehe

She won't use the "Dear God" if she's in the car with you and you need a parking, she will most probably use the "R we there yet" phrase!

Faith said...

Moo, you're not weird. You're unique, like everyone of us here! We have our own perks. Hahaha!

By the way, my new blog is http://www.tabulas.com/~myfaith/. I have stopped using Blogspot.

Mr Incognito said...

I always all on the "Spirit of Pak Aziz" when trying to look for parking space. (Pak Aziz was my father-in-law's driver who is now dead.) It always works.

pugly said...

My verdict: Anal AND Weird!

It takes one to know one ;-)

And I love you for it! *HUGS*

Danny said...

After reading your weird stuffs, Boy! I am glad you are somewhere else than Malaysia :P Spread your "weirdness"!

extrapale said...

hahhah, #1 is not weird to me. i did the same thing with my laudry. i always make sure that i use the same color hangers. i even switched the hanger that my aunt used to hang her clothes, so that i can use the hanger that i want. =P

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: True...but we're looking at best practise here ;p

Takakohazelnut: Thanks! ;)

Johnybravo: Hahahah...only to those who deserve it shall I pray! ;)

NinJaMoo said...

Faith: I know...haven't updated my blog link to your blog yet!

Mr Incognito: See? I'm sure this prayer sorta thing works!!! Good on you, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Pugly: *hugs* =)

NinJaMoo said...

Danny: But why? Don't you miss me? ;p

Extrapale: Hehehe...isn't colour coordination a wonderful thing? ;)