Anything more than a mouthful...

Is a Waste!

Thursday morning, 7:49a.m. I'm still half asleep, having been walked to work by Jason and shoved in the direction of my office building. So close to Friday yet still so far.

So anyway, I trudge up my 4 flights of stairs (alright...3 of them are really mini flights but when it's not quite 8 in the morning and you can't really be bothered, all this effort is really beyond me). It feels like a millenia before I reach the office and let myself through the iron gates of hell (no jokes on the iron gates - they installed it last week due to a homeless guy walking around stealing food from the fridges and going into the girl's bathrooms. So who says the workplace doesn't resemble prison?).

So anyway, I walk into my office and the first person I see is X. She's talking to my boss and I can only see her back. I get to my desk, put my stuff away, start up my computer and turn around as X starts walking towards me to talk.

"Holy bazookas!" "What da...???!?!?!?!?!?" "OH MY GAWD!!!!! That should be totally illegal...I cannot believe..."

Random thoughts race through my head. My mind's not taking in what my eyes are seeing. The only thing going through my head is "That's just wrong." "I cannot believe my eyes!" "What on earth could have possibly been going through her head?" "& may your cup overfloweth...."

And overflow it did! Bearing in mind 'extremely stuffy Bank environment' and here we have X in an extremely low cut top with her assets almost free of their restraints! I know they say "If you've got it, flaunt it" but this is bordering indecent! Actually, it IS indecent! (I'm sure the guys get the picture and are happily drooling at their keyboards this very instant. Get a grip men and wipe that slobber before it does any damage to the computer.)

Now, I've never been a super conservative person and I believe in self expression but don't you think this is taking it a bit far? Having a young, nubile, well endowed woman walking around the office with half her assets hanging out? I'm not jealous or anything. Heck! I'm happy that I won't have to deal with gravity and the rages of motherhood combined! Not to mention age and wrinkles...

But when I think about it...was it just too much for my brain to comprehend early in the morning? Or have I just become a conservative, old-fashioned Malaysian?


pugly said...

Hahaha!!! You know what they say, when you start getting `shocked' at these kind of things, it's a sign that age is creeping up on you & your mind. Becoming very the auntie lor! But at least it managed to wake you up! XD

Youngsters these days, I swear!

NinJaMoo said...

Pugly: You can say that again. She's only 22 this year! I don't think I would've been so shocked had it been outside of work but come on! There's a time and place for everything!

Zhapfire said...

Actually I'm kinda interested in the fuss that she made rather than the "assets"...anyway....hafta admit it that I'm drooling and wondering what it is like with a 22 year old flaunting her assets....hehehe

As you can say, you like to watch em doesn't mean you like em... =)

izso said...

Uh.. I'm not huge on the whole breast thing but it's always entertaining to see what people have to offer. XD

izso said...

And moo : you're old. hahaha

naz said...

Nyummy. I'm hoping it catches on in kl. Flaunt away!! :D :D

(but please, only flaunt if you've got something to flaunt)