Baby Shower

Ever since we told Nora that I was pregnant, she's been most eager to have a baby shower. She even knew how the invites would look like (which incidentally, turned out to be littl' red nappies that we made with felt and pinned together with littl' safety pins). And so we had a baby shower...and it went really well!

It was a small party, but just the right size me thinks for what the house could hold. Nora made yummy food (potentially a tad bit too much) with others bringing in odds and ends here and there...and hubby had to scoot off before the festivities began.

So what did we do? We were divided into 3 groups and started off doing blind taste testing of baby foods. Man, I can't believe we feed babies this pureed can/bottle stuff. It was yuck!!! No wonder babies end up throwing it on the floor!! Must learn how to make porridge...that would be waaaay nicer than any of this stuff!

Then we did celebrity babies...now I have no idea where Nora got all these baby photos (and I didn't know 99% of the babies' faces!) but one of my ex work colleagues, Em, was really good with this! I think everyone was amazed at her memory...and so her team scooped this one up!

And lastly, we played Pictionary with kids related stuff...there was some really hard things to guess in there (and our team seemed to pick most of them!)...so being so disadvantaged, obviously we didn't win. But it was all good fun. It was interesting watching some of the drawings that came out!!!

Then we opened pressies and there was a whole heap of stuff for baby NinJa!  She definitely got spoilt. Lucky baby...

An absolutely perfect afternoon spent with good friends, good food and good times. Thanks Nora!

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