Proper Cravings

I always thought I had cravings with the pregnancy...I'd feel like having something and we'd go looking for it. But to me, it didn't really matter that much if I didn't have it. I wouldn't be thinking about it or thinking about having it or obsessing about eating it.

That all changed today. I think this is probably the first proper craving that I've had.

This morning, I really really really wanted to have roti telur with kari and dhal. We usually have this for breakfast when we're back home in KL and it comes hot hot hot, fresh from the rotiman's grill. The urge to have this was so strong that I told hubby that we had to have it.

Given that nothing opens here for breakfast that's anywhere close to being mamak, I had to wait out the craving until lunch. But even then, I kept on thinking about how the roti telur would taste. And I was just obsessing about roti telur...roti telur...roti telur...

Lunch time couldn't come soon enough. I was so looking forward to going to an Indian place to get my roti telur.

And what ended up happening?

No roti telur...*sigh* but they had thosai telur...

So I had that instead...

Has that fulfilled the craving? No, not really...Do I still want roti telur? Yes...Am I going to be fantasizing about it until I get it? Probably...


Baby NinJa, what are you doing to me?!?!?!!!

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