Comfort first

I've started borrowing items out of hubby's wardrobe. First, it started with pyjamas. Hubby wears those satin boxers that are loose & sit low on the hips (well, for me they do anyway!). I started borrowing these when I felt my jammies start getting really uncomfy around the elastic waist bit.

Then it was shorts. I ordered some online because I couldn't find any that I liked in Australia (or ones that were reasonably priced). And given that summer is just around the corner, everyone talks about how it's unbearably hot carrying in summer.

And now, it's t-shirts. His smallest ones that don't fit him are perfect for my expanding belly. And I can wear it around the house (and one of them outside too!).

I can't wait for my summer wear to be sent to me. As much as I love the comfort of hubby's clothes, they still are boys clothes and it's not something I want to continue wearing. But for now, comfort over appearance rules...And for as long as it's comfortable, I think that's how it's going to be.


n.a.m said...

hehehe... i started borrowing akmar's clothes a long time ago... definitely his comfy, grubby shorts and t-shirts for lounging at home... but work clothes are not an option.

i've got a couple of maternity pants & skirts, but they don't feel comfy to me anymore by now... either i push 'em below the tummy (even when they're not supposed to be worn that way), or i wear dresses/jubah that give me waist freedom (hehe, got aa such a thing?)

NinJaMoo said...

n.a.m: *sigh* I'm giving up on clothes...I'm running out of options but not much longer so really...do I need to go shopping? =(