Note to self

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job...

How do I love thee? Oh let me count the ways.
I love thee to the death of my sight,
My stomach heaves, my fist is clenched tight.
For the end of living and everyday haste,
Oh why do I try, it's just such a waste.
Most quiet need be, I work til the night,
I love thee so much, I do what is right.
I love thee so true, I believe I'd turn blue,
From being a good employee, so much unlike you.
I love thee with passion, put to good use,
But never will I get any of the dues.
For you promise so much, but so little you give,
I bet you don't even care if I live!
So to work I say, I do love you so,
Just like a blister on my big toe.
Just like lying on a bed of nails,
You work so slow, even worse than a snail.
I don't care anymore, I'll just walk away,
Perhaps then, you might notice, hey!
But I look at the bills, oh boy there's a few,
So I harden my heart and get back in the queue.
Back to the slog, back to the rat race,
Back to being shoved in my square littl' place.
I must remember to breathe, to remember there's an end,
Perhaps, only then, we could possibly be friends.
But I'd probably shove a stake through my heart first.


ninjabee said...

good day at work eh?

izso said...

Sounded like she wanted to shoot someone

ninjabee said...

lol... that was what i meant :))

FairyGodmother said...

WOW! You actually went through all the hassle of rhyming everything for this 'ode to the Boss' thingy? You must really like him


Great job!

Frankensteina said...


Just what I need mid-week :D

Maggie said...

Woo Hoo! *applauds enthusiasticaly*

Save that as an insert for your book! ^_^

NinJaMoo said...

ninjabee: It's been a 'good day' at work for weeks now!

izso: I can't aim...maybe there's another more painful way...hmmm...

NinJaMoo said...

FGM: Ode to Bl**dy Ogre Sooooooo Stupid!!! ;p

frankensteina: You're back!!! =)

NinJaMoo said...

maggie: Nah...that means people at work could potentially get hold of that...and that could be back so...no. ;p

Syrope said...

Such a fantasic poem! You have a knack for writing girl :)

pugly said...

Is this sarcasm at its best?

NinJaMoo said...

syrope: Thanks! Frustration does help ;p

pugly: Hahaha...perhaps. Work has its moments of inspiration I suppose =P

Shopper Mom said...


have more 'good days' ahead, since u write good poems under stress. :)

kidding. u take care ok.

NinJaMoo said...

shopper mom: Thanks.