My name is SAM

Super Active Mutt

Now that the two boys are getting better, I can tell you about our news. We have a new addition to the family!

Two Sundays ago, hubby & I went to a dog rescue place to look at puppies. I had my eye on a jack russell cross daschund but hubby thought that she would be too small. So we picked another puppy from the group.

She's small with liquid brown eyes and the colour of black, white and salt and pepper. She's got a streak across her side/back that looks like a cross between a lightening bolt and half of a heart shape.

The pet store guy where we got her kennel and other puppy stuff said that she'll like water (yet when I gave her a bath, she squirmed and complained loudly).

She's now 9 weeks old and is intelligent (so says the vet and from what we've seen). When we first got her, she would run to her favourite spot and curl up into a ball whenever I scolded her (trying earnestly to look innocent). Now, she just barks back at me (sounds like a teenager talking back!). She also walks away when I scold her (and when I say where do you think you're going, turn back and give me a pathetic look)!

She's gotten into the habit of climbing onto my lap and curling up to fall asleep. Sometimes, she has dreams and she tremors. Sometimes, she stretches and falls over (it's so funny to watch).

And when she's awake, her goal is to chew my fingers or toes to bits. That or chew her toy to bits...or somehow manage to get it under the couch and try to crawl under the couch to retrieve it, ultimately getting stuck.

Everyday, when I'm at work, I miss her. I don't miss the pee's that she does when she comes into the house (what can I say, we're still in the process of toilet training her). But I miss her company when I'm not there.

& every morning before I leave to work, it breaks my heart to say bubbye. She knows it and makes it harder by sitting on my feet and looking at me. And then she whines... reminds me of a crying child that you leave at daycare.

Some think her antics are hilarious. Others think that it's so cute (reminds them of their dogs a long long time ago). And some say that this is good practice for when we have a child.

I say that if this is good practice, I think we could probably put off having a baby for a little while longer. Just don't mention it to my mom.


Syrope said...

She sounds positively adorable. Isn't it itchy for you to let her chew your toes?
And... i was about to ask you when you want to have a baby until I read your last line ;P

naz said...

Babies are a whole different kettle of fish, my friend. A 1 year old baby knows how to switch off your computer, open the fridge and eat all your chocolates, jump off the balcony and doodle on your furniture (when asked who did it, they can say their name proudly too). Oh, baby also knows how to release the hand-brake, so be eternally vigilant.

ninjabee said...

aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww... so sweet.

Danny said...

I must say that Naz has one heck of a 1 year old baby.

izso said...

Naz : I concur with Danny. One heck of a 1 year old.

Moo : Dog's don't cry all night. Anyway, it's interesting a cow is the one rounding up the dog eh? :P (Stupid joke I know)

FairyGodmother said...

I like! So cute! Makes me feel like cuddling Sam, but I can't..please do it on my behalf okay!

And yes, kids are sooo different. Dogs don't make your boobies race to your expanding-non-existant waist due to feeding and bearing it. Dogs don't vomit on your favourite dress and make it stain. Dogs don't pull the lanyard of your phone (with the phone connected to it, of course) and pull it down the stairs while shrieking "choo choo train!"..

But the again, both of them, dogs and kids alike will love you, purely, honestly and whole-heartedly.

Enough said.

Maggie said...

Awww.... scho cutche! ^_^

Give Sam a hug from me! :)

pugly said...

Hey, you got yourself a new bitch. And a cute one, too.

Now I'm miffed.

With pouts;
Your old Bitch.

izso said...


New bitch
Old bitch!
Old bitch jealous of
New bitch whist she doesn't know
Old bitch exists.

Oh wait.. Moo had to toilet train Pugly?


pugly said...

You're obsessed with me, aren't you? ;-)

Syrope said...

enough strength to release the handbrake? Wow, super baby you've got there, naz! :)

NinJaMoo said...

syrope: Doesn't matter what I think, she's going to chew it anyway ;p

naz: I know...that's why if she's this much of a handful now, I don't think we could cope with a baby...yet!!!

NinJaMoo said...

bee: Isn't she a darling? Although, a naughty one at that...

danny: *hugs*...and yes, agreed!

NinJaMoo said...

izso: Yeah, I know. She only does it to make you feel guilty. Just like littl' kids.

fgm: True true...but there are other things that she does that a kid wouldn't do. Like chew up all your flower pots...and pee on all the floor rugs you have...and cause a run in your sweater coz' she's clinging on to you with her sharp claws!

NinJaMoo said...

maggie: hehehe...will do.

pugly: hahahah...I'll never forget your Pugalicious! And I think I'm about to do what you just did...so wish me luck.

Alvin said...
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Alvin said...

looking forward to meeting Sam one day =)

izchan said...

I love dogs.
Not their piss ... but its a package deal.