The W/H Series...Part 6


How now brown cow?

Finally, there's light at the end of the tunnel. I'm at the end of my W/H series. When I first contemplated using a common theme and turning it into a series, I thought that it would be great to have a topic each week that directed my thinking.

Boy, was I wrong!

I guess for some (like artists or serial killers), having a common thread running through their 'masterpieces' makes identification easy. Me, I'm not one who wants someone to be able to recognise me easily (not including friends). I like blending into a crowd, camouflaging with the wallpaper. I don't like sticking out like a sore thumb.

Which is why what happened today made me turn a brilliant shade of red...

You see...I went for an awards recognition ceremony tonight. I was among 50 other colleagues being celebrated for living our company values. I almost had decided that I wasn't going to go but then my previous boss went "Are you going for the Values Nite?"

So I ended up going...quite reluctantly. I didn't see much point in going, since I was only a cog in the whole works and didn't expect to get anything.

Surprise, surprise! I was selected as one of the 8 finalists to go to Sydney to have lunch with the CEO (all expenses paid) and received a trophy and framed certificate. When my name was called out, I just couldn't believe my ears.

I walked up to the front of the room in a complete daze. The presenter read out what my previous boss had written about me, and I think I just about turned redder than a tomato and thought that having an endoscopy done was way easier than having 100 pairs of eyes looking at me.

After the entire experience, as I was walking home, I couldn't help but smile to myself. I was happy with the recognition. I swear there were butterflies in me - that would probably explain why I felt like I was flitting.

I still can't believe it happened...but I think I would've been just as happy being sent to the lunch with the CEO without going through the awards ceremony. Anything to avoid standing in front of 100 people.

p/s - Thanks for your sms AJ! It came on the way to the ceremony & brought a big smile to my face!


ninjabee said...

woweeeee!! congratulations! got picture or not of you beaming bright red?

uncle said...

congrats! u r an obvious choice.

izso said...

Take loads of pics and ask if the CEO wants a IT fella working for him. Heh. *ahem*

And you're just too erm.. oustanding to be non-outstanding la.

izso said...

Oh.. what is W/H btw? XD I ask this after 6 postings. Ish.

FairyGodmother said...

Liane darling! Congratulations!!!!! You deserve it! *pats on the back*
errr...can I help answer Iszo's question?

Hmmm...i think it is
- What
- Where
- Who
- When
- How

err..is that correct Liane?

Syrope said...

Sure feels good to be recognised for your work eh? :) Congratulations! And yes, I wanna see pix of you with cert too!

PS: you and ninjabee related?

NinJaMoo said...

ninjabee: Didn't bring a camera coz' didn't expect to need it! But my dad was like "Make sure you take picture with the CEO!" ;)

uncle: Thanks although...out of so many people...how did that happen?!? How's the new position going btw?

NinJaMoo said...

izso: You and your wife-to-be want to work in Perth? & it's easy for a martial arts dairy product producer to stand out ;p

fairygodmother: Thanks! I got so much hassles from my new colleagues today!!! p/s - Good going! You only missed out 'Why' ;)

NinJaMoo said...

syrope: I deleted your last comment just in case you got traced. & ninjabee & I aren't related by blood, we're related by words. Which is so much cooler coz' it means you can then pick your relations ;)

ninjabee said...

yeah... blood is overrated! only cookies counts. errrr... i'm not sure how i should forward you my addy without potential stalkers finding out where i live! will go bowl shopping soon for you and FGM *wink*

izso said...

ninjab and moo : you can actually leave your addresses on the comments page without anyone knowing. Well, the chances of anyone knowing would be way slimmer anyway. How?

1. Everytime a comment is posted the comment is sent via email to the blog owner. (Assuming the owner set this option on)

2. Submit your post on the comments page and immediately delete it off.

Result? Moo will receive an email with your contact and it won't be on the comment page anymore.

izso said...

fairygodmother - ohh.. the 5 w's and 1 h. Right!

Since when was Moo Liane wor? A name she picked up during her working years? Ahhh.

NinJaMoo said...

izso: Already figured that bit out. Thought of leaving a post with ninjabee to let her know but you've already done that! ;p & I've known fairygodmother since we were 8+.

ninjabee said...

this is true if you're a blogger user but i'm serendipity you see so i'm not allowed to delete my comments... unless of course i'm being silly.

but wait... i might have a plan :D

yati aka ninjabee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yati aka ninjabee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
izchan said...

wow ... values of the company.

Now Why can't I ever find a job that recognizes my contribution ... :(

Good for you.


Faith said...

CONGRATS, Moo!!! I'm very happy for you. It feels really good, huh, to be recognized that way! The bonus is you weren't even expecting it!

Syrope said...

thanks dearie you are very thoughtful :)

and I guess the two comments deleted at the end of the chain is by ninjabee experimenting with izso's idea?

ninjabee said...

did it work or did i manage to blow thing up? the latter tends to happen when i experiment with things...

NinJaMoo said...

ninjabee: *crosses fingers...or rather hoofs, if that's possible* ;)

izchan: Thanks! =) & I'm sure your company values you heaps. They just show it to you by giving you more work and responsibilities!

NinJaMoo said...

syrope: Yup! You guessed right. There's always a way around the system ;)