Oh No, Not Again!!!

The Onion...

Just when I think I'm safe from another tag, I get tagged AGAIN!!! Thanks Fairy Godmother, just what I needed...*insert emoticon with tongue sticking out right here*. Just to be fair, I'm going to distribute the tag so that those I previously tagged, don't hafta worry (unless you wanna do it...be my guest!). So! I tag Pugly, Izchan & Syrope (was going to tag Binx & Maggie but they've already done it!!!). But before I forget, congratulations Danny on your new addition to the family!!! He looks like you and Lisa both!

Now, let me get over this and get it done with before blogging next about Sydney.

Layer One: On The Outside

Name : First name NinJa, Last name MoO (as if that wasn't obvious enough!)
Birth Date : Hmmm....the 30th. Technically, I should be able to get away with that since it says 'Birth Date'.
Current status : Happily Married

Eye Colour: Mochacinno without the froth
Hair Colour : Dark brown although I'm thinking if I should try that whole purple phase again...
Righty or Lefty : Righty. Although I'd love to learn how to be ampidexterous (screw the spelling, can't be bothered to have a peek at the dic).

Layer Two: On The Inside

Your Heritage : Chinese Nyonya with possibly some thing else thrown in the mix (who knows what my ancestors were up to!)
Your Fears : Not having my parents around to spoil my kids and help me bring them up right

Your Weakness : Books...and bookstores. I could spend hours and hours in a good bookstore and loads and loads of money on books...*sigh* *drools*
Your Perfect Pizza :
Thin crust pepperoni...does it for me everytime.

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Your Thoughts First thing when you wake up :
Where is that damn snooze button?
Your Bedtime : Hubby & I go to bed pretty early...I'd say about 10:30-ish? Unless other things crop up...
Your Most Missed Memory : I miss working at MPH 1U2...I can't believe I actually miss working. But when you're with great people, working ain't so bad.

Layer Four : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : I guess it'd have to be Coke if I had to choose.
McDonald’s or Burger King : Over here, I'd have to say Burger King. But back in Malaysia, it would have to be McD's hands down!

Single or Group Dates : Hahaha. It depends on the situation.
Adidas or Nike : Oh man, I've got both!!! Love them both, but use them for different situations so...can't pick!
Tea or Nestea : Same situation here! Love my hot tea and love my cold Nestea (especially the green tea one! *yum!*)
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate please! (Just bought a bag of Snickers...yum yum yum!!!)

Cappucino or Coffee : Errr...neither. Not a big fan of coffee breath...but absolutely love the smell of freshly brewed coffee...mmmmmmmmmm...

Layer Five : Do You..

Smoke : Nope. Stuffed a pack of the neighbour's ciggies down the drain once. Man, was he blooming mad. Tried to tell him that it was bad for his health (gimme a break, I was what...9? 10?)

Curse : Hahaha...*fish sticks!*
Take a shower : Yup...don't have the luxury of having a bath that often.

Have a crush : Right now? Ermm...not really.

Think you’ve been in love: Most definitely...& more than once as well!
Go to school : Ermm...haven't been to school in awhile!

Want to get married : Hahaha...believe it or not, I never did the whole 'thinking about my wedding & wondering what it would be like' before hubby proposed. But it's all good now.
Believe in yourself : Most definitely!
Think you’re a health freak : If I was, I'd be out exercising somewhere instead of sitting in front of the computer, blogging...

Layer Six : In The Past Month
Drank alcohol : Some...can't remember what I had though. Must've been some wine...some mixers...*shrug*

Gone to the mall : Of course! What sorta question is that?
Been on stage : In my youth...

Eaten sushi : Oooooo yeah...looking forward to a good sushi session with Fairy Godmother when I get back to KL.

Dyed your hair : Not since I did the purple stint ages ago!

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..

Played A Stripping Game : Hahaha...my memory seems to fail me...

Changed Who You Were To Fit In: But why should I? *shrug* Maybe when I was younger but nowadays, I'm good with myself.

Layer Eight : Age

You’re Hoping To Be Married : Dunno...never set an age which I said I'd get married by.

Layer Nine : In a Girl / Guy

Best Eye Colour : The colour of stormy seas
Best Hair Colour : It's not the colour but the lustre

Short Hair or Long Hair : Short enough to ruffle but long enough for me to run my fingers through

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing

1 Min Ago : Chatting with my cousin on MSN

1 Hour Ago : Having dinner with hubby

1 Month Ago : Starting a new job

1 Year Ago: Actually, this is quite unreal. We were going through old smses and discovered that we were in Sydney a year ago! How coincidental is that?!?

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence
I Love : Spending time with the people that mean the world to me...
I Feel : Life is passing me by and I feel it slipping through my fingers...
I Hate : Having no idea what I'm going to do with my life. Uncle says I should get pregnant - now how is a baby going to solve anything?

I Hide : My fears behind a smile and continue on because I have to.

I Need : To stop contemplating over my life and take some sort of action. Now, Uncle also said I should think about writing a book...should I? Could I?

Lots of food for thought...lemme think about it. Be back in a week.


uncle said...

write about your struggle deciding 'what to do with your life' as there are many you can help in the same phase, i assure u.

in any case even if writing a book is not what u have in mind, the act of writing itself can be cathartic and does help clarify things for u.

try it.

izso said...

"Your Bedtime : Hubby & I go to bed pretty early...I'd say about 10:30-ish? Unless other things crop up..."

Of course la. If it's UP.. I honestly doubt you'd get get any sleep and the headache excuse usually never works.. *Laughing really loud*

"Best Hair Colour : It's not the colour but the lustre "

Ohhh.. so this was a fetish of yours. I remember really long ago you used to say I had really fluffy hair. Now I just have hair. Well.. some of it anyway. :\

Syrope said...

Argh! I am tagged! Okie will do it by next week :)

naz said...

"Having no idea what I'm going to do with my life. Uncle says I should get pregnant - now how is a baby going to solve anything?"

Babies will bring you great joy. Most of the time..

Maggie said...

You could write about:-

1) Your relationship with your family and friends, and what you learned from them;
2) Life as a young married couple in the 21st century compared to the same in the 20th century;
3) People you admire and why;
4) Anything that is personal to you that you would like to share that will change the world's perception on things they take for granted.

I'm just saying. :)

Danny said...

Babies can also bring a lot of poopoo action. I remember you have a nice garden. Maybe the free fertilizer will help. Hehehe

NinJaMoo said...

uncle: Unfortunately, that would be a book without an ending. & I am writing...just, on a very blog-ish level. But I will start...I just need to write that down and make it into an achievable goal.

izso: It's not a fetish. Can you imagine a girl with long hair which is just yuck? All gross and limp and dry and just not appealing?

NinJaMoo said...

syrope: Hahaha...cool bananas! & that means you get to tag other people too!

naz: I have no doubt that babies bring much joy (which is why you're on to your round 2+3!)...but as to whether it answers my question is a different matter altogether!

NinJaMoo said...

maggie: Thanks...will mull over and think about it. It's like when I had to do an assignment at uni - I'd never put anything onto paper until I knew how I was going to end it.

danny: Ermm...I don't think I'd be patient enough to 'collect' and 'distribute' =Þ