The W/H Series...Part 3

This song is dedicated to the one I'm missing very much...

My broken cereal/pasta/salad/multi-purpose bowl.

Where Are You Now?

by Janet Jackson

Love, my love
(You meant the world to me...I could use you for so many things!)
I regret the day you went away (I'm sorry I had to throw you in the rubbish bin)
I was too young to understand my love (It was barely 6 months into our relationship)
But now I understand my mistakes
(Should have never let hubby use you...)


Where, where are you now?
(The rubbish man came today...where has he taken you?)
Now that I'm ready to
(I'm still in denial I think...)
Ready to love you the way you loved me then
(I know you were loyal...and you tried so hard to please me)
Where are you now?
(I hope you're not squashed under someone else's junk)
Do you still think of me?
(I'm thinking of you...)
Or does your heart belong to someone elses
(Maybe this is your way of eloping with the coffee mug I broke a coupla months ago).

Love, oh my love
(I really did think the world of you...)
Wonder sometimes were you just a dream
(Ah...there goes my dream of having enough bowls to complete our dinner party set)
I sit in the dark
(Coz' my kitchen lights won't work properly...they're sad you're gone too)
Wondering if our paths (Although...how can you have a path considering you can't even move?)
Will ever cross again (Maybe you might be reincarnated!)
Oh Lord I need to know
(Might you be reincarnated?)
I sit and wonder (Or do all good bowls go to heaven?)

Repeat chorus

If I close my eyes
(I can still hear that fateful crack)
And make a wish
("Dear God, I wish I could have you back!")
When they open will you be right here with me
(*sigh* Still no bowl)

Repeat chorus

Could it be that two people were meant to be
(Maybe you were jealous of me and hubby)
In my dreams that's what I feel (So it was a nightmare for you to see us together)
Or could it be that I'll never see you again
(So you orchestrated the whole thing to make me feel sad! It was either you go or hubby goes...how could you?)
My love that was so true
(Oh, how could you do that to me?)
Still I sit here waiting all alone
(I feel so betrayed)
By the phone...for you
(But not anymore coz' you can't talk and good riddance to bad rubbish!).

(For those of you who think I'm crazy..."Welcome to my world, hope you enjoy your stay" *grin*. A bit of craziness never hurt anyone.)

Bye bye bowl. May you rest in pieces.


yati/ninjabee said...

i had to click when i saw your ninjamoo name!!! cause we might be cousins! could we? could we?

hi... i'm ninjabee! more known on sicko's blog and other blogs that i comment on as yati :D

Jasmine's Bonda said...

Ms Moo,
I know the feeling! My bowl died/ cracked and I still kept it, until late last month (when I was away), Hubby went and threw my Fav bowl! It was MY bowl...I eat my Maggi in...my noosle soup and my Ice cream/Ice Kacang as well...So, darling...I know the feeling...
Pssstt - or are we crazee?!

Hallo?! I'm the FairyGodmother...can I peek in your blog for a read?! *grins*

Frankensteina said...

Hahahahah you cute Moo Moo you. But I feel for your loss *ehem* however it's time to get yerself a new bowl aye? ;) I get my cool pretty plates and bowls at the sunday market in Ikano. Very cheap and very nice

izso said...

The last line is such a steam blower. I thought you actually enjoyed that bowl.. until the good riddance to bad rubbish part. XD

And yes you're weird.

pugly said...

I think it's high time to get off them peeled almonds.

pugly said...

I meant: "I think it's high time YOU get off them peeled almonds." See? It's contagious.

NinJaMoo said...

yati/ninjabee: Welcome to my world & we're all family so *hugs* Hope you enjoy your stay =)

jasmine's bonda: Hehehehe...this attachment stuff...so kesian kan? & what's wrong with being crazee? Just like misery, crazee loves company!

NinJaMoo said...

frankensteina: Unfortunately, those would be very expensive bowls to get considering I'd need to fly back to KL to buy them. But thank you for the thought! Will hafta try and remember that when I fly back next year.

Izso: Hahaha...Need to tell myself that I don't need my bowl no more. & I already knew the weird bit!

NinJaMoo said...

Pugly: Peeling almonds is therapeutic. It's like peeling the scab on a wound that's cracked. You just feel the need to peel it all off!

sic6sense said...

i'm bowled over by the heartfelt ode.

Frankensteina said...

Oops I keep forgeting you're not here! Hehehehe tell you what when is your b'day? Maybe I can send you one or two :D

ninjabee said...

yeah... if you want, i'll send you a bowl from london too! maybe a plastic bowl so it won't break easily *wink*

NinJaMoo said...

sic6sense: Would you like some sauce-rs with that?

frankensteina: *hugs* sweet sweet person you are. Thank you for the thought tapi takpe. Just got an Ikea voucher today so might end up getting some plastic ones ;)

NinJaMoo said...

Ninjabee: *hugs* to you too, you sweetie. Thanks. Maybe I should start a collection of plastic bowls from all over the world! ')

ninjabee said...

that sounds like a brilliant idea. i'd send the bowl i bought today but it's ceramic so it's a no no :-p i'll start hunting for some cool plastic bowls soon *wink*

FairyGodmother said...

Haloo! Mana aci! NinjaBee darling...I broke mine too! Can I have one...pleeeaaaassssseeeeeee?! *batting my eyelashes*
HAhahahahaha-it proves that I AM creazeee.....
Hey Ms Moo....lets start a new club...the CRAZEE CLUB!

ninjabee said...

alamak!! FMG dah marah. Masalah besar ni!! OK OK, I'm going to the market in a minute and beli banyak-banyak mangkuk plastic! If they havelah

NinJaMoo said...

Hahaha...yeah, we'll call it the Plastic Bowl Club (PBC) =Þ

Mr Incognito said...

and some people think I'm quirky

izso said...

moo - if u and sicsense continue that really really corny dialogue, I think I'd puke.

Update update update!

NinJaMoo said...

Mr Incognito: Join the club. The more the merrier!

Izso: Done done done!