Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Have I Really Changed At All?

I spoke to my mum last night and she said that my brother feels as if he can't joke with me much anymore.

He says that I've become more serious.

I have to pause and wonder...have I really changed? Has my decision to come to Australia made me a more quiet, introverted me? Or have I just matured with age (just like fine wine...*grin*)?

Perhaps I have. Perhaps spending time with friends really does make a visible difference in one's life. I guess that's why they say if you want to find out about a person, meet their friends - they are a reflection of one's self.

I guess I'm a tad bit more serious...and a littl' quieter. All this space in Australia is probably not doing me any good. Now all those management theories about Eastern countries are really hitting home. It's different growing up in a culture where I've always been surrounded by people and I miss meeting up with friends every weekend (or even during the week! Heck, its even happened every day sometimes!).

I'm slowly but surely becoming an island. & boy, it's pretty lonely out here...


uncle said...

Ok, come home and I'll get a low paying job for you. That will change your mind.

izso said...

Hmm.. "Meet their friends, they are a reflection of yourself"?

I'm worried about that statement. I don't wanna be like Naz! XD

Actually, tho I don't hang out with you as often as we used to waaaaaaaaaay back then, you are somewhat less nicer to pick on. You don't respond as violently as you used to. It used to be the hit of death or the hypnotizing "are we there yet" chants. Nowadays it's just a "HRRRMMPPPHH" and the stare of death.


pugly said...

If people were to judge you by me, you're in serious trouble, missy! :-)

Come home la, I'll let you fight it out with ExtraPale on who gets to be my PA.

Faith said...

You are right, Moo. People change. It's just whether they'll change for the better or for the worse. In your case, it's for the better. You're growing up, maturing along the way. But hey, you're still fun and nice to joke with. ;)

Maggie said...


Yea you have change into a silly worry-wart.



You are still the wonderful person we love.

Takakohazelnut said...

Yeah, that friend line is quite illuminating actually. You make me think about my friends and what I stand for.

Well, now that you are in Oz and you know you are in danger of becoming an island, guess it won't hurt to try making friends with your neighbours or nearby shopkeepers? If I remember correctly, you are trying to find a job now right? Things will turn for the better when you do find one and have expand your social circle over there.

Don't feel nostalgic or bad or any twinge of regret at all for changing. Or bad or doubtful of your move to Oz yet - uprooting is difficult and takes time~~

Changing is alright so long as it is for the better. Personally, I prefer a friend who gives the stare of death over a hit of death, haha :)

mer said...

Maybe your brother just longs for the time when you two just.. hung out. I felt the same way when my brother moved out. He and I have our own lives now, not as closely intertwined as before, but we're all the better for it.

It's maturing like good wine la. No point looking back to when you guys were puny grapes :)

izso said...

Hazel : I tells you ah.. them hit of death slaps were killers!

And she's working already. In a bank if I recall.

Moo : The general consensus is yes you've changed. But change in the sense of getting more mature. Oh, have a look at my newest post, it's riding on a similar point. Hehe

NinJaMoo said...

Uncle: This is why you got chicken pox - karma! ;p

Izso: Eat a lot, love cars, talk crap, into computers...see the similarities? ;p & I've given up on being violent...hurts me hands!

NinJaMoo said...

Pugly: Why don't you ask the other guys what they think? ;) I guess it's just a reflection that since I have interesting friends...(you can draw the conclusion).

Faith: Thanks...now you need to convince Izso ;)

NinJaMoo said...

Maggie: *hugs* Thanks! ;) Good to know that some friends you'll have for life!

Takakohazelnut: We kinda made friends with the neighbour on our right...and when we see our other neighbours, we say hello and chat and stuff. But yeah, now that I've got a new job...it'll be interesting to meet new people!

NinJaMoo said...

Mer: Heheheh...I'll tell him he was once a puny grape and see how he takes that! ;)