The Curse

Telecommunications Company Part Deux

Would you believe it? In Perth, I have problems with the telephone. In KL, I have problems with the telephone. WHAT IS GOING ON???

For 2 days, hubby & I tried unsuccessfully to get a Hotlink prepaid account. We passed numerous Digi counters and persistently visited the Maxis Centre but to no avail. We couldn't buy a Hotlink prepaid card because the person who was in charge of the counter was not there.

Didn't matter that there were 5 other people around the counter who also worked for Maxis.

Didn't matter that Maxis is supposed to have the most popular pre-paid service in Malaysia.

Didn't matter that we were going to give the company some business (not much but still...).

All that mattered was that when I wanted to get connected, Maxis let me down. All those years of loyalty flushed down the drain over a single incident which would probably have only lasted 15 minutes.

So in the end, hubby & I went to Digi and in 15 minutes, got ourselves all connected and set up with instructions and the WORKS with no hassles, no problems and a big, friendly smile.


p/s - Alignment might be a bit screwy but at least there's a post!


izso said...

erm.. why'd you go to the tmn tun one. Just buy one off the shelves from those handphone shops la

pugly said...

The Truth About Prepaid prevails, eh? ;-)

I wanna work for DiGi. They have such a cool HQ!

Faith said...

DIGI's the best la...y bother with Maxis?? I've always used Digi...hehehe

Jasmine's Bonda said...


Takakohazelnut said...

So many different counters and still not a single one to help you and your hubby out? That's just plain bad service. I'm glad you sought help from another telcom.

... Your post totally reminds me of my own blog post. I believe you would totally understand why I wrote what I did on friendship... like you, I need to find new "telcoms" too in my life.

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: Still hafta register-leh...cannot just do it one shot!

Pugly: Argh...walking French Fries! =p

Faith: Yeah...starting to think the same way.

Jasmine's Bonda: Oi MAKCIK! Dahlah tukar hp#, langsung tak bagi tau. Nak buat threesome cam mana?

Takakohazelnut: Change is sometimes good. But sometimes we look at what we had before for too long and don't let go...good luck with your new connections =)

Maggie said...

Welcome home, moo. ^_^

NinJaMoo said...

Maggie! Are you gonna be at Makbul this Friday?

Takakohazelnut said...

Ninjamoo, your advice is exactly what I am experiencing and what izchan advised me to do too. It's tough to let go when we still have common friends. But I believe I'm much happier leaving it all behind. At least I will never be disappointed again. As for my blog entry... I have taken it out under "draft" mode. I may not want to be friends anymore but I don't want to embarrass the person.

NinJaMoo said...

Takakohazelnut: I'm glad that you're happier...and that you know how to let go. As they say..."Gambateh!"