Today calls for a post. It just does...

Yesterday, I was very distracted with news of the hostage situation in Martin Place, Sydney. Today, I woke up to reading about how it ended in tragedy and about the two innocent lives lost in protecting other people.

I couldn't help but recall the same horror that I felt watching 9-11 unfold so many years ago. So, so sad. So unbelievably sad.

How do people fundamentally turn out so wrong? 

Someone once told me that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, you and everyone out there, is part of my village. It is a global village. And you are helping me raise my child. So I have a plea for you.

Teach my child kindness so that my child can show someone else that there is a better way.

Teach my child compassion because someone may be hurting badly deep inside and longs for a way to heal.

Teach my child empathy so that they make walk in someone else's shoes and understand another person's point of view.

Teach my child to think independently because peer pressure can lead to many stupid things.

Teach my child to listen and the reason why we have two ears and one mouth.

Teach my child friendship because in the face of adversity, sometimes all you need is a friend.

Teach my child inner peace so that they learn to be happy with themselves.

But most of all, help me love my child. Because any act born out of love (pure love) usually is the right way to go...and perhaps, if we all practise this, then maybe in the future, none of this will happen again. Ever again.


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I think that a lot depends on a child. Of course, proper upbringing is very important, but we do not have to understate a character and world outlook that a child has. Every child is a personality from the very beginning.

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