One by One

One by one, the days are ticking down to two things...
1) My 100th post and sticking my blog on a shelf; and
2) My last twenty-something birthday.

It really is quite funny how that sign seems to reflect my life at the moment. Life is going at 11kmh but time doesn't recognise this speed limit and is racing down the highway at full speed. It feels like I'm not doing anything important with my life but all I have to do is blink and it's already tomorrow, next week, next month!

Ever since coming back from KL, it's been work work work. I think I stopped for a second to catch my breath but by this point, I've already lost it again. It feels like a losing battle, walking uphill in a mud slide. Tiring, futile and yucky. What's worse is all this uncertainty at work given the acquisition that's happening at the moment. It seems we've been so profitable that we've been seen as a 'good buy' and have been bought over by a major organisation. FUN. *sigh* (On the bright side of this, I've never been through an acquisition before so at least I can say that I've been through one in my lifetime!).

But I've been thinking...soon, I'll no longer be a twenty-something and turn into a thirty-something. What have I achieved? How have I made this world a better place? And there's something that I've always thought would be a wonderful goal to achieve...if only we could get enough people passionate about it to start this up.

What is it?

Well, wait for my next blog...I still have to think this idea through. But I'll keep ya posted.


pugly said...

You're about to enter the best years of your life as a woman. The fun has just begun. Enjoy the ride.

& owh, watch out for the postie while you're at it ;-)

izso said...

Uh.. how can 30 be the "best years"?

I'm in denial man!

Anyway, happy early birthday!

And if your little project involves lots of explosions and fast cars, count me in!

pugly said...

Izso, I said 'best years of your life as a woman.' Are you a woman? :-)

It may be downhill from that point onwards for men, but for women, the party has just begun! Hell yeah!

naz said...


NinJaMoo said...

Pugly: Hahaha...cusp of womanhood, huh? ;) Thanks...

Izso: You've got a couple of years to get to the acceptance bit. And it kinda does...sorta...a littl...

Naz: Men =Þ

izso said...

What? Fast cars and explosions? FOR REAL? :D TELL ALREADY

Pug : Doh.. I had that one coming :P Anyhoo, anyone up for some rock climbing? JOHNY! MANA AWAK?

izchan said...

So ninj is a twenty something.
Have passed that some time back ...

Don't much remember what being twenty something is about ...

I do remember that I did all the following before I got into my thirties.

1. Programmer.
2. Software Engineer.
3. Software Analysis.
4. System Analaysis.
4. Database Administrator.
5. Team Lead.
6. Project Manager.
7. Software Developement Manager.
8. Technical Consultant.

In that order...
And by the time I went into my thirties, I opt and went back to by roots.
Being a programmer is a much easier life than being management.
If only I stayed true to my intentions ... :}