Mousekateer or Moo Moo?

To my dear pregnant friends, congratulations!!!! I've been so flat out crazy at work that I haven't been keeping up with blogs and when the news came that two very special people are expecting, I started jumping up and down with excitement! Now, I know at least 4 expecting friends...I'm sure I'm missing a couple more!

This is such exciting news, and naturally leads to the question - how far along is the pregnancy? Will it be a baby born in the year of the mouse or a baby born in the year of the moo? I think it would be so cute to have a baby moo moo...but that's just me. I'm a bit bias (like duh! Isn't that obvious?).

And after all the questions have been asked, and all the questions have been answered, the same question always comes up...so when is it your turn?

When the time is right and when we're both ready, then it'll be out turn.

Until then, we'll be happily celebrating the news of new life and the arrival of little ones. Congratulations again guys!

p/s - I'm a tad bit early but if you're reading this Naz, Happy Birthday old man! Hope you have a smashing birthday!


naz said...

Thanks Moo. I'm stuck in India until the end of the month though, missing my birthday as well as Nasri's. Oh well.

I'm touched that you remember (probably after reading Izso's post) :)

pugly said...

Probably it's time to take the plunge like I did, dear. Quit & find something worthwhile already! :-D

FairyGodmother said...

my dear babe:

thanks for the wish....

like i said yesterday, (dunno whether u received my sms or not) i might be going to adelaide end of July...

if you need anything...tell me tau!

NinJaMoo said...

naz: Actually, it was through facebook birthday reminders ;) & WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN INDIA?!?!?!!! & happy birthday to Nasri too!!!

Pugly: Oh I love what I'm doing now...there just isn't enough time to do all that I want to do!

FGM: Thank you but I'm good. My batt died so I replied on your blog ;)