Not Minor Keys...

But Major Ones

Everyone believes that turning 21 is a big deal. You get a key. Not just any ol' bronze key that your parents decide to make as a duplicate for you so that you can leave or enter the house without getting anyone else to open or close the door for you. No...you get a special, symbolic key (a gold or platinum one if you're a girl and a butter, flour and egg one if you're a guy. I've yet to hear of a guy getting a key to wear around his neck).
This key is supposed to reflect the freedom that one obtains (which is never quite unconditional) and is a mark for coming of age (legal age for alcohol, cigarettes, clubbing, voting, no more P plates etc). It is the age when you are supposed to be, legally, mentally and physically, an adult.
Which is exactly the way I feel right now, since we got our house keys. I've truly crossed miles from the boundaries of the world of an adult, just like millions of other people out there who have their own place. Another major step in the world of adulthood - owning your own place and having the freedom to do anything you want with and in the house. Absolutely ANYTHING.
But this freedom is not without a price. A mortgage, a budget and being perpetually close to being broke. A price that has to be paid for freedom. A price that we will have to pay for the rest of our lives (unless we get lucky and strike big in the lottery!).
Then again, if you think about it, perhaps it is a small price to pay for the experience of owning your own house...and making it into your home. Perhaps you can't put a dollar figure on something so monumental. Perhaps it's like what they say in the MasterCard ads...priceless.
p/s - Will try to remember to take some pics of the empty house and post it.


pugly said...

I don't wanna grow up ... I wanna go back to being a chiiiiillllddddd ... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ... !!!

naz said...

You've got a really big and nice house. So nice :)

You know how expensive yet small the houses in KL are. Bungalows are outta reach. Link houses too. Condo's are where most of us will be living our adult lives.

Get me a job in Australia! Fai tit :D

Anonymous said...

Pugly - LOL

Moo : I know what you mean. Heh. But how does Naz know how big your house is? Hurry it up with the pics man!

naz said...

izso, she sent pics wat

izchan said...

Congrats on the house owner thing. Its a kind of achievment that people can't really relate to until they actually done it.

Kind of like sex. :P

So welcome to the home mortgage club. Your membership card is in the mail.

Danny said...

If you think you are nearing broke now, I guess it'll be one heck of a tough time you and Jason get yourselves a "lil' kangaroo" :D

NinJaMoo said...

Pugly: "Growing old is compulsory. Growing up is optional".

Naz: Hahaha...very funny. I'm trying to change jobs at the moment and it's HARD. But you're with I.T. so it'll be easier for you (if you apply for PR).

NinJaMoo said...

Izso: Yah! I sent pix adi...

Izchan: You mean welcome to the broke club.

Dannny: Dat's why no plan for littl' ones yet!

Takakohazelnut said...

Moo: wow, that's nice to own your own home. I wanna move out too but i lack the moolah and it's a hassle doing own household chores etc. But yep, do post your home pix up soon~~

Naz: In Singapore, condo is already quite high-class. The rest of us stay in HDB flats, which can range from a one-room to six rooms depending on our budget.

izchan said...

The broke club is an sub club of the home mortgage club, we can instant membership in that area.

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