Bang on the drums!

The cow has landed!
I can't believe it...just when I told myself I wouldn't get sucked into blogging...guess what happens? I'm BLOGGING! It was an innocent conversation I had with someone whom I hadn't spoken to in awhile and she said "If you can write, you can blog. You just can't be bothered".

Oh how true that was! I truly couldn't be bothered (3 other people who attempted to sway me can attest to that!)...and yet what the heck am I doing here now trying to put thoughts into words?

One can only guess the workings of a cow's mind...now, if only I could figure out how this confounded thing works...


pugly said...

Dear Cute Cow:

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It's great to know that you've finally succumbed to the pressures of your peers *ahem!* to start it once and for all.

Keep on bloggin'!

Blogosphere's Welcoming Committee.

extrapale said...

heyya ninja moo..
so, a blog eh? am not good at writing, but wht d heck. me blog is like my sanctuary.. =Þ